4 Must-Haves for a Family-Friendly Home

Everyone knows millennials are the largest generation of home buyers at 37%1. But what's kickstarting their decision to buy in the first place? According to Forbes, their decision to become homeowners is often linked to major life events like getting married or having children2.

As any parent will tell you, having kids changes everything, including your home preferences. After all, those starting a family will want a home that's not only safe for their children, but one that will fulfill their own needs as they navigate parenthood. Here are four home features that may appeal to customers building and designing for families with children:


Discreet laundry

Laundry rooms are No. 1 on 86% of millennials3 most-wanted home features list, with 50% unlikely to buy a home without the feature. When it comes to design, millennials are partial to low-maintenance4, sleek and discreet appliances. Bulky washers and dryers that take up a lot of space are likely not be their first choice when it comes to laundry. Instead, they may prefer something like the Whirlpool 2.8 cu. ft. Smart All-In-One Washer & Dryer, which not only takes up less space than a traditional washer and dryer, it does both jobs in one machine, helping busy families do laundry seamlessly from start to finish.

Lots of storage

Families can never have enough storage space, so the more you can offer, the better. In fact, ample storage5 is one of the most important features for buyers with children, according to Zillow. Consider putting bench seating in the kitchen, which offers extra storage space underneath for things like seasonal dishware or table linens. Kitchen islands provide another opportunity for storage, as they can include spacious drawers and deep cabinets for hiding appliances and utensils from children.


Kid-friendly finishes

Stainless steel is one of the most sought-after finishes, but it can be tough to keep clean with kids running around. Whirlpool Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel appliances combat smudges, making it easier for parents to keep their kitchen looking pristine. When it comes to countertops, opt for a material that can hold up to constant use and abuse, like quartz, which is among one of the most durable6 countertops and a rising home trend.


Spacious appliances

Kitchen appliances play an important role in the everyday lives of growing families. Ample refrigeration space for storing plenty of food may help reduce the number of trips to the grocery store. The Whirlpool 26 cu. Ft. Double Drawer Refrigerator with Dual Icemakers is equipped with five roomy temperature-controlled drawers for storing anything from frozen foods to snacks and cold drinks. A spacious dishwasher can also be helpful in streamlining cleanup. The Whirlpool Stainless Steel Tub Dishwasher with Third Level Rack offers 35%7 more rack space as well as a powerful TotalCoverage spray arm to get each dish sparkling clean. Whirlpool Corporation provides purposeful solutions that can help families with everyday chores. Get in touch with us to learn more.


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