A Focus on Serenity and Expression: Unveiling Today’s Color Trends with Whirlpool Corporation’s Rebecca Goesling

Serenity and expression are taking center stage in 2021 when it comes to color and finish choices in the home, according to Whirlpool Corporation Advanced Color Finish Material Designer, Rebecca Goesling. This shift in color preferences and finish trends reflects the environment sought by today's consumers - tranquility, peace and warmth.

Here is a discussion with Goesling about this year's color trends as well as the latest appliance color options.


What colors are trending in 2021 in the kitchen?

Since the start of the pandemic, people have been seeking solace in their homes. This comes to life in two major ways: serenity and expression. As for serenity, we see a lot of warm whites, natural earth tones, and comforting tactile surfaces such as linens or soft touch finishes. On the opposite end, expression is beginning to take hold as people explore more personalized styles. This could come through in elements such as graphic backsplashes, a vibrant accent wall, or uniquely hand-crafted decor.

Do color preferences differ between generations?

We certainly see some differentiation between preferences by generation, but most often we look at mentalities over age. The sense of being overwhelmed by technology, a feeling that could be shared across generations, is one of the biggest drivers in a shift toward neutral tones. With so much digital content available, many people are seeking peace and quiet - anything that feels like the opposite of visual stimulation.


Why do you think stainless steel is still a timeless choice for appliances? Do you see other finishes trending?

Stainless steel has kept its position for a number of reasons, including its durability and association with professional kitchen culture. Currently, there is the added benefit of stainless being a safe, easy-to-clean material that provides peace of mind in this time of uncertainty. As we've seen in the past few years, we continue to anticipate new finishes and textures applied to the surface that keep all of the same benefits with an added delight. Aside from stainless steel, we expect to see natural materials and finishes with interesting textures.


What trends do you see as far as laundry appliance finishes?

Love and attention has been on the rise in making the laundry room feel part of the home. That means that the colors and finishes are softening up to tell that cohesive story. Whether your laundry space is a mudroom drop space, a spa-like area or in a closet, appliance finishes are reflecting the finishes already showing up in the home - soft, tinted neutral colors as well as dark neutrals that make more of a dramatic statement, and satin finishes.


KitchenAid recently announced 'Honey' as its 2021 Color of the Year. What inspired this color?

Considering the events of 2020, we wanted to bring a sense of warmth and humanity to the table. In our research we saw that people were craving genuine connection and empathy. In addition, we found a growing fascination with what humans can learn from nature. When we combined that research with our tracking of warmer, richer colors in home goods, interiors, and fashion, it culminated in a relevant color story for Honey, focusing on warmth and togetherness.


What other color options are available among KitchenAid appliances?

KitchenAid commercial ranges are offered in eight colors, plus stainless steel, that complement the mixer and other small, countertop appliances. A lot of work is done up-front to make sure the color palette created for the range is in line with kitchen material trends that can blend in or stand out. You could pair your Misty Blue range with the Misty Blue stand mixer but you could also pair it with a Kyoto Glow mixer to create a fun color combination that complements each other.

The range is offered in the following colors: Ink Blue, Misty Blue, Passion Red, Scorched Orange, Avocado Green, Yellow Pepper, Imperial Black and Milkshake.

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