Builders and the Connected Kitchen



Jason Mathew
Senior Director
Global Connected Strategy
Whirlpool Corporation

"Consumers are looking for all sorts of ways to make their lives better and easier in the home. If you think about the home, the kitchen is the heart of it and it's an area where people, passions, food, family, friends come together. And we feel like the kitchen is where the smart home is really going to take off.

"Technology is inescapable and, while it's new and maybe not well understood, the consumers are looking for help — and the builder has an incredible opportunity to offer advice, support for the consumer in that process, and frankly, the smart home adoption will likely most happen through the builder first before it happens through a traditional, do-it-yourself store.

"So consumers are looking for solutions to help in those daily acts within the home. But they're concerned about what technology to buy, what products work with each other, and they're very concerned about data, privacy [and] security.

"What the builder and Whirlpool can uniquely do is provide solutions to them so they don't have to worry about these things. That they can offer solutions with trusted brands, with brands that are worried about protecting the consumer. And the builder and Whirlpool can uniquely do that."


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