Dishwasher Innovations with Jason Wilkinson



Jason Wilkinson
Senior Director of Product Marketing
Whirlpool Corporation

"Whirlpool Corporation just launched a brand new dishwasher platform. The first launch is the KitchenAid® brand. The KitchenAid dishwasher will appeal to your customers who really love to cook.

"The more somebody loves to cook, the more tools and bowls they’ll use in the process, and as a result, they need more space inside their dishwasher to clean up afterwards. If they’re not able to wash these items in their dishwasher, they’re forced to either do it by hand, or put it off till later, and either of those options bogs them down in their process and takes joy away from the art of cooking, which they love so much.

"Key features on the new dishwasher product line include the industry’s largest third rack, our new KitchenAid brand FreeFlex™ third rack, both fits six-inch glasses or bowls, and it also has a dedicated wash system to make sure they’re clean.

"In addition to having a full-sized and what we’ll call a “true” third rack, the rest of the dishwasher racks have been balanced so you can actually fit things like a mixer bowl or a big stock pit in the second level, and a full-size dinner plate in the first level.

"The third feature on our new dishwasher line, and maybe the most compelling, the Clean Water Wash wash system filters all the water as it flows through, so it doesn’t redeposit food particles.If you’ve ever opened your dishwasher and found a glass full of, you know, particles of rice or corn or something that wasn’t in the glass when you started, it’s a result of your dishwasher redepositing those items there. Our KitchenAid wash system doesn’t do that, it filters them directly out and down the drain."

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