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Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix was the third most popular migration destination in Q2 2022.

Phoenix offers a business-friendly environment, high quality of life and a diversifying economy, thus attracting lots of young professionals — particularly millennials.

Build-to-rent inventory in Phoenix is expected to double in 2023.


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Dalas, Texas

Dallas/Fort Worth sits in the No. 1 spot for development and redevelopment opportunities. Source:

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Austin, Texas

Austin has the strongest local economy and the highest investor demand of any market.


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Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is No. 1 on the list of top markets to watch.

The city’s relative affordability has prompted many buyers to relocate from more expensive major metros, and now has a millennial homeownership rate of 55%.

A new $2.1 billion football stadium in the East Bank district could bring events such as the Super Bowl to Nashville.


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Tampa, Florida

Property prices across the country are expected to drop in 2023, but not in Florida.

Tampa’s median home price has increased 25% over the past 12 months due to high demand

Out-of-state baby boomers looking to retire are the strongest driver of real estate here.


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Boston, Massachusetts

Boston's rental market is expected to grow in 2023 due to low property taxes and vacancies..


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