“Super Kitchen” Environment



Jason Tippetts
Global Brands
Design Manager
Whirlpool Corporation

“One of the approaches we've taken to try and understand the home better – especially in this ‘super kitchen’ environment – is working with interior designers, and working with cabinet makers and other people in the kitchen industry to understand what they're seeing and how those trends are being driven.”

“And why grays have had a renaissance is because they're flexible. As other things that maybe are cheaper and easier to change to express oneself in the home – those things can stay relatively neutral and be flexible in that type of environment.”

“People aren't scared to make statements though either, and I think that's a part of the new homebuyer that we're seeing is they definitely want to get away from cookie-cutter. And it's hard to describe or tell somebody what traditional design is, but traditional in most people's opinion is what the other guy has.”

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