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Target Luxury Buyers with these 4 Home Features

When you hear the words “luxury home,” it’s easy to imagine castle-like mansions surrounded by tall gates and equipped with stone fountains, glistening pools, private tennis courts and giant home theaters.

However, the term “luxury” doesn’t just imply upscale finishes and lavish amenities; it speaks to convenience as well. In fact, luxury buyers are seeking manageable square footage and modern amenities focused on wellness and technology1.

Here are four features to keep in mind when designing and building a home that may attract today’s luxury buyers.


Commercial-grade kitchens

Luxury buyers are looking for high-tech, high-quality kitchens2 fit for a chef. Homes with chef-inspired kitchen features may actually sell for more than expected3. Luxury home buyers prefer appliances that perform just as great as they look, suiting their every culinary need, whether that’s chilling wine, steaming vegetables or keeping dinner warm while they finish baking dessert. Many high-end buyers are looking for homes with double the appliances4 — two ovens, two stoves, two dishwashers — to streamline cooking and clean-up.



High-end homeowners — especially millennials5— have also come to expect connectivity6 throughout the home, including in their appliances. Being connected to everything from kitchen appliances to security systems gives homeowners complete control of their home with very little effort required. The KitchenAid® Smart Oven+30” Combination Oven with Powered Attachments, for instance, can be easily controlled with the touch of a mobile app or a simple voice command7, and has the power to fry, cook, bake, steam or grill.8


Seamless design

When it comes to luxurious home style, homeowners want seamless design9 because of the clean, consistent look it delivers. Open floor plans are an important element of this style, offering a smooth transition from room to room. With seamless design, appliances shouldn’t stick out, but rather blend in with the sleek look of the space. One option is a built-in refrigerator that can integrate seamlessly with custom cabinetry to create a polished style. Also, the JennAir® 48” RISE™ Gas Professional-Style Range with Chrome-Infused Griddle is flawlessly designed with concealed details that blend effortlessly into the surroundings.


A fully-equipped outdoor space

High-end buyers want their outdoor space to have some of the same features as they have inside the home. Instead of a typical backyard patio with a few tables and chairs, they expect the home to include areas where they can relax, enjoy happy hour and cook. The top amenities10 for luxury outdoor spaces include a built-in gas grill, a sink, a stainless food prep area, a small fridge and stone patio seating. Homes with outdoor kitchens11 tend to sell for more money - as much as 25% above expected values.

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