Top 5 Kitchen Products in 2020

Wallpaper or paint? Stools or chairs? Vintage or modern? Tile or hardwood? Exposed shelving or cabinets? With more people staying in their homes and spending time in their kitchens, these types of design questions may be more top of mind. There are many choices for kitchen design, whether the space is built to entertain or serve as an innovation lab for chef-inspired creations.

Here is a look at the kitchen products homeowners are interested in purchasing in 2020, according to the RICKI Quarterly Tracking study1:



Refrigerators top the list of kitchen products 22% of homeowners may want to purchase in the coming year, but what kind of refrigerators do people want? When it comes to finish, stainless steel remains popular, while black stainless steel and black matte2 are proving to be in-demand as well. Traditional side-by side refrigeration3 is also gaining traction with consumers because it keeps most items at eye-level.



Nearly 17% of homeowners may purchase kitchen lighting in 2020, with 58%4 looking for smart lighting systems specifically. In addition to light fixtures above the kitchen island, homeowners are also interested in lighting inside and underneath cabinetry5. This lighting not only helps highlight kitchen design, it improves visibility.



Countertops are also of high importance to homeowners, with 16% potentially planning to purchase new ones within the year. While quartz is an emerging favorite for countertops, home buyers still tend to prefer granite6 and natural stone. However, aesthetics7 isn’t nearly as important as factors including maintenance, durability and stain resistance.



Not many people truly enjoy handwashing dishes, so it’s no surprise that 15% of homeowners would like to purchase a dishwasher. Similar to refrigerators, a stainless steel8 finish for dishwashers reigns supreme. As far as the placements of dishwashers, it’s becoming common for them to be incorporated into kitchen islands in order to save space. According to Houzz, 52%9 of islands house new appliances including dishwashers and microwaves.



Smart tech is a priority for the homeowners likely to purchase faucets. Faucets with motion or hands-free technology are expected to become more popular in the coming year. In fact, 58% of homeowners10 put hands-free faucets at the top of their wish list. Black and brushed gold11 faucets with clean designs are most sought-after. Pair the faucet with a pro-style chef sink for an even more appealing kitchen feature.


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