Whirlpool Corporation Releases 2019 Sustainability Report

Sustainability is a priority for many current and prospective homeowners, which is a major reason why home builders are paying more attention to the materials and products they use in newly built homes.

Whirlpool Corporation, a valued partner to some of the largest home builders in the country, released the 2019 Whirlpool Corporation Sustainability Report. It details the sustainability priorities of the world’s leading large appliance manufacturer and includes notable achievements.


For example, Whirlpool:

  • Achieved its lowest levels of absolute plant emissions in 2019
  • Reduced absolute emissions by 18% in its plants since 2016 by investing in efficiency and renewable energy
  • Achieved zero waste to landfill in eight plants across 3 regions
  • Accomplished a global waste to recycling rate of 96%
  • Made changes at an Ohio plant that resulted in a 20% decrease in water use

The corporation also celebrated a 20-year partnership with Habitat for Humanity through which more than 197,000 ranges and refrigerators have been donated in the U.S. and Canada, and 104,000 families worldwide have been helped.

To learn more about Whirlpool Corporation’s 2019 Corporate Sustainability Report and sustainability commitment, please visit this link.


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